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Math Tutoring

Middle School Curriculum - All

High School Curriculum - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

Science Tutoring

Middle School Curriculum - All

High School Curriculum - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Ecology, Zoology, and Anatomy & Physiology


Single Session: $75/hr, 1 hour session

Multiple Sessions Rate:

$60/hr x 5 sessions = $300

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Thea McGaffey, MA, BS

Certified Secondary Math/Science Teacher

Thea became a tutor and mindset coach after 8 years of teaching middle and high school math and science and seeing the great need for youth empowerment paired with quality instruction. Using her skills as a master teacher (and singer), Thea brings a lifetime of living the philosophy of taking responsibility for one’s actions to the table. Empowering youth to set goals, reprogram their brains with new habits of mind, and reach their full potential has become her new passion. And this definitely includes math and science conceptual understanding.


She is a certified, and highly qualified, secondary math and science teacher, has a B.S. in biology, with a concentration in animal behavior from Humboldt State University, & an M.A. in science education from Western Governors University. Her authenticity and love for behavior in general makes her an excellent facilitator of school aged kids.

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