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I signed up for Thea McGaffey's Infinite Possibilities training because I was intrigued to dive deeper into how my thoughts create and shape my reality. It was a curious journey of self-discovery. The workshop made me realize what limiting beliefs and negative thoughts were holding me back as well as formulate what I really wanted for my future. Thea's delivery was engaging and enthusiastic; she provided many helpful examples and shared authentic experiences and discoveries she'd made on this journey herself. I felt that Thea was living the Chinese proverb printed on the last page of the Infinite Possibilities workbook: "If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody." Thea was able to help me change some of my beliefs about myself, my work, and my overall happiness to a much more positive version. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to leave limiting beliefs behind and have a deeper understanding of their true self.

Maria - Educator

Infinite Possibilities Workshops

Change Your Life With the Science of Change

Did you know that your brain has subconscious programming that guides you through life?

That programming can be changed.

Did you know that your heart has an electromagnetic field

that extends out from your body?

That field can expand or contract based on how you feel.


Did you know that your thoughts become the things of your life?

If you are stuck in a negative thought spiral,

you are energetically interacting in that way.

Your thoughts are where you START to create change in your life. 

It is never too late to create change in your life, and I can help!


Dear beautiful human,

I am offering this program to the beautiful souls of this earth who want something different, who know they are meant for more, because that's how I feel. I have been called to share this material with others because it has had major impacts on my life and continues to do so. This workshop is designed to create transformation in many areas of your life including: 

  • self-worth

  • work

  • relationships

  • drugs and alcohol

  • money 

I will give you tools and techniques to help you shift your beliefs around your areas of greatest concern, and in doing so, your thoughts will change and your life will start shifting.

The workshop is presented around the following 7 themes:

  1. Thoughts Become Things

    • How the brain makes associations and how to break the associations you don't want

    • The environment that you immerse your cells in matters - this includes your thoughts!

  2. Beliefs

    • Your perceptions are flexible and are affected by what you believe about that situation.

    • The biology of belief is supported by research - your cells respond to what you believe in.

    • Dismantle the limiting beliefs in your life that are not serving you.

  3. Emotions

    • Your emotions are powerful and your body physically reacts to them. 

    • The heart's electromagnetic field is affected by how you are feeling and can be measured.

    • Heart meditations reduce your cortisol levels (stress hormones).

  4. Taking Action

    • Visualizing the end result will get you to your dream quicker than you think!

    • Don't worry about how it's going to happen. 

    • Take baby steps toward your dream and believe in yourself!  

  5. Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires

    • Your desires are what make you you. 

    • Your intuition is a powerful tool that you can learn to trust.

    • Heart/brain coherence will help you make decisions and trust the process. 

  6. Faith and the Magical Universe

    • You are a perfect being of the universe. 

    • If you can believe it, you can achieve it. 

  7. The Meaning of Life

    • You are here for a reason - let your light shine.

    • Following your dreams will have an impact in every area of your life. 

This is a workbook based workshop that helps you analyze the areas of your life that you want to change. We meet virtually on a Zoom meeting for 3 consecutive weeks in 2 hour sessions. so you can be in the comfort of your own space. I guide you through the workbook with self analysis prompts and allow you to share your thoughts and ideas, if you so choose. Sharing is ALWAYS optional. Personal growth WILL occur, with or without sharing. 

Join me to discover the Infinite Possibilities that life has to offer and to learn how to reclaim your essence. Together in only 6 hours, I will teach you how to live deliberately and create consciously through proven, research-based techniques to help you transform your life. Click Book Now for my current offerings. I look forward to seeing you soon.



Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Life Coach Tutoring Grand Junction
Life Coach Tutoring Grand Junction
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