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The Beautiful Mess

Emotions are so powerful. You never know when you're going to be taken down by a particularly intense one. Or lifted up! It can go either way. And it seems like it's kind of a crap shoot. But maybe it doesn't have to be. Maybe we can become experts in finding silver linings in all things. Even the particularly uncomfortable emotions. How powerful would that be???

Today I delivered a beautiful workshop to two incredible humans. I loved the connection that was created between the participants and myself. I felt so good, and I totally believed in myself.

Then I sent some loving kindness, or what I thought was loving kindness, to a person that I have had struggles with and we have grown apart. Perhaps mostly by my choice, but I did not feel supported by said person. So I sent some loving kindness over text and was gifted in return with lots of attacking language and was told what was wrong with me. And how much of a disappointment I was... Wow... That stung... but was also ridiculous! And I had just gotten done sharing how to flip thoughts around and create new beliefs that are empowering. All day I tried to flip the script for myself, telling myself how I am lovable, even if not everyone likes me. That someone else's opinion of me doesn't affect me unless I let it. And still it sucked me in multiple different times. I called a couple trusted friends who knew the story, cried a few tears, and got reminded that I am a badass.

I ended up taking my dogs to the river and putting my feet in. Enjoyed the end of day sunshine on the Colorado River. It was lovely and just what I needed. I feel reset - and I am reminded of my own power and how amazing it is to put Mike Dooley's Infinite Possibilities techniques to work in my own life. And most importantly, I am reminded how it's my choice as to whether I let other people's opinions about me into my mind. No thank you. I am enough of my own beautiful mess.

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